About B O B A L L E N

Artistic Statement

I make art because it is my way to re-imagine the world and make surprising connections beyond the obvious. I like to find a curious juxtaposition, give it another context and then create fresh and original work from it. Inspiration can come from personal stories, current events, an interesting phrase, old  textbooks or a host of catholic references I can't seem to shake. 

Background & Process

Originally from Louisville, I studied art at Bellarmine - Ursuline Colleges, and after a stint in the Navy, finished up at the University of  Kentucky. I  like to work directly on a square canvas surface folding in original or found imagery and then overlaying with stencils, random text, assorted ephemera, often using repetition and fragmentation. I then manipulate with layers of acrylic color & texture built directly onto the canvas. I also like a colorful palette and visual  wordplay.     


 For  over four decades, I was involved in the arts in a variety of  meaningful ways, in Boston, Chicago, San Francisco and Phoenix. My  primary professional career was in the performing arts - as an a multi-arts presenter, administrator and festival producer.  I was, however, most fortunate to find a later career in city government. Throughout those decades, I also pursued  a parallel path in creating visual art work in my studio and exhibiting  when possible. I retired from the workaday world in 2012 and now make art full time.  Ahhh - home at last!